Indie Rep LLC serves as an independent sales representation and consulting service for small-scale, mission-driven businesses. Our current territory covers Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., and Delaware.

Our mission is to support small scale makers, artists, and artisans.

We also work with vitamin, supplement, and herbal companies that are committed to organic and sustainable practices. All products we represent are made from natural and sustainably sourced materials. All businesses and individuals we work with are independently owned and operated.


In the age of corporations and monopolies ruling the marketplace, staying small is the new big. We want to offer people quality pieces and products for their homes, bodies, and communities that are made by passionate, expert craftspeople.

Please see our Services page for a full list of what we offer our clients.

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Direct Sales Promises


When you buy from IndieRep, you are supporting:

🎨 The livelihood of independent artists, artisans & makers

💰 Your local economy (every dollar spent within your commmunity circulates 50x before leaving)

🏳️‍🌈 Retail spaces that are safe for LGBTQ+, POC, and people with disabilities to shop

🌿 Sustainable and eco-friendly bath, body & home products. No products have ever been tested on animals and never will be!

🔎 Products that has been tested for safety and purity of ingredients used, and can be verified by third parties to ensure accuracy of product claims and descriptions.

Majority of profits from direct sales events go to clients, always. We are driven by the desire to spread and support the work of these talented individuals, not by financial gain.


Whatever profit Indie Rep makes immediately goes back into investing in resources that support the growth and success of our clients.

 We strive to create retail experiences that are connected, authentic, and tell a story.

The goal is to encourage conscious consumerism, with buyers purchasing art or products because they know their dollars are going to independent, hardworking small and cottage businesses who have demonstrated excellence and love in their craft.

 Indie Rep can be a pop up gallery and boutique, an artist agency, and so much more. We provide a variety of services to help our clients access new profitable ventures with their work.


Thank you for your interest in Indie Rep! My name is August Lumen, and I live in Baltimore, Maryland. Prior to starting Indie Rep, I worked in the natural products industry as an organic farmer and Wellness Department Manager for MOM's Organic Market. After years of connecting with different representatives from various companies, I realized my life's passion was in advocating for small-scale makers, artisans, and organic products.

I started Indie Rep in June 2019 primarily as an event vending business for local makers. I now operate as a movable pop up shop and gallery, and work full time as an independent sales representative and broker.

The majority of retail and sales in this country is toxic, imported, made with unsustainable materials, and only exists by taking advantage of third world country labor, exploitation of their employees at every level (minus the top), and dismissing their original core values (if they ever had any) in favor of expansion, profit, or whatever other awful measure of success capitalism has led us to believe is important.


I am interested in disrupting this system and connecting retailers with makers who support conscious consumerism, worker welfare, and environmental sustainability.

For all inquiries, please email me.

For anyone interested in becoming a client, send me an email with at least three images of your work and the mission behind your craft/company/product.

Thank you for your interest in supporting independent and sustainable businesses!

IndieRep LLC

Independent Sales Representative

Baltimore, Maryland

est. 2019